What in the World?

It seems like forever since I last updated everyone on what's going on in my world. I'm settled in at my job I started in February, and the kiddo is back in school so we are settling into a nice routine now. 

I've been working hard on creating digital files to put up in the shop. I'm working on creating high-quality files that can be used in a variety of ways. Mostly they are intended to be used for cutting machines like the Silhouette Cameo or a Cricut. You can also put these graphics on apparel like T-shirts, sweatshirts, and much more! I'm toying with the idea of putting some of the graphics on apparel in my shop, but I just haven't had the time or spoons(look up the spoon theory if you aren't familiar) to do that.

As always, I love it when I can make decals for my customers. If you need a custom decal please reach out  - I'd love to design and make them for you!

I've also been working on some non-Etsy projects. While I wasn't lucky enough to get tickets to the Taylor Swift Eras Tour, I will be going to see the concert movie in October. So I have been starting to make my friendship bracelets to trade with other movie-goers when I go to see it. I've also been playing around with making pins out of shrinky dinks and UV resin. I'm super pleased with how they have turned out, and I'm toying with the idea of putting them in my shop. I'd like to play with this some more before I do that though, I've got a few things to work out before I add them to my shop. It's mostly shipping and packaging that I need to figure out, so that will come in time. 

I'll be sharing more of my available graphics on my Instagram, so be sure you are following me @tenacioustulipvs so you can see the latest files I have available. 

I'll also be getting back into making tumblers soon. I have a few personal ones to finish, but I can't wait to get a few up in the shop that are ready to ship. It will be at least a month out before I can get any ready-to-sell tumblers available, so if you have a custom order get that in ASAP! I can only make 1-2 tumblers at a time, so the more orders that come in the longer the processing time. 

I'm also practicing a lot of self-care. I'm spending more time journaling, doodling, and finding art that can just be art and not something that needs to generate an income. Sometimes that's hard! I want to put everything in my shop. I want to share my cool art with the world because I don't have space for it all lol. The one craft I really want to get to is my stained glass kit. I love stained glass and I can't wait to create what I picked out! I'll share it here once I'm done (if it doesn't look like total trash). 

Until next time...

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